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Katie & Jeff

I met Katie and Jeff mid-afternoon on June 26, 2010. It was an incredibly warm Saturday afternoon. Humidity was high, and if memory serves, there was at least a 35% chance of rain. We were all a bit nervous for the weather, but the day remained calm and we were able to take some wonderful shots.

When we scheduled the shoot, the couple requested to meet at Landmark Park just outside of Dothan, Alabama. Katie told me during our initial phone conversation that their reception would be held on the grounds, so it seemed a wonderful place to meet and get to know each other, as well as giving me the opportunity to scout the area in preparations for the coming wedding. As the session progressed, they told me of their first date and where they first met—right here at Landmark Park.

We started casually walking the grounds talking, joking, and generally getting to know each other. We set up shots within the nearby playground, under a nice shade tree behind the old church house, and even had time to take in a old-fashioned vanilla shake—to be honest, I’veĀ  not seen a real milkshake since I was a kid, that was pretty neat. It was treat and a real pleasure to spend my afternoon with the couple. Katie has an absolutely gorgeous smile, and I was thrilled to have caught a few subtle glances and the sparkle in her eye when she was with Jeff. That 200mm lens rocks socks for when I need to take a step back, giving the couple space enough to relax. Candid shots are my favorite, and this lens keeps me far enough away that people usually forget I’m even there, allowing them to stop posing, so to speak, and to just be.

The following posts are a few of my favorites from the day. Katie? Jeff? You two make a lovely couple. I am honored that you are allowing me to document such a special day in your lives…

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