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So today we meet Mr. Bryson, an adorable, moderately high-octane, blonde-hair, and blue-eyed youngin’. To be fair, I’ve known this kid for about two years now and is always a treat to hang around. He’s not shy—at least not that I can see. He listens to what’s being said (for the most part!), and does very well in front of the camera. This is the second time I’ve been asked to take photos of Bryson, and it’s always a been a treat and adventure chasing him down to snag those rare moments where he’s in the perfect position casting a sneaky glance to mom. He asks lots of questions about all the neat mechanical gadgets that I usually have hanging over my shoulder and he seems fascinated with my lens. I’ve noticed at times when I tilt my camera for an angled perspective, he will tilt his head in the opposite direction. It’s as if he’s trying to help me regain balance of my camera, yet we just can’t quite get it. If i quickly tilt the opposite direction, he, without hesitation, mirrors my motion. So weird. But neat. Several times during both shoots I’ve caught myself rotating my camera just to see how far he’s willing to go. It’s mesmerizing at times. Possibly, he may see his reflection from the front element glass. Perhaps he can see the future, through my lens? Or it could just be that he’s torturing me knowing that as long as he is tilting his head, I can not get the shot. Either way, it makes for a few great photos and stories.

We started the day at the old remodeled train depot in Ashford, Alabama. They have two train cars side-railed for display, and his mother thought it would be a great background after having seen a few test shots that I made of various locations around the area. From there, we spent some time in the “greater downtown Dothan” area posing against murals and along a nice curving train track shaded by a canopy over overlapping branches. We closed the day at the Dothan, Alabama Botanical Gardens which, by that time, I think we were both worn out and ready for a nap.

Off topic, Bryson still remembers what I taught him: when he holds his fists up in the air, he says “lethal weapons!” I taught him that a little over a year ago. With me being a retired ninja, he just seemed like a good candidate to one day carry on the ancient ways. But that’s for another blog…

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