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Wedding: Amanda and Steve

So here we are, the day of. I was a bit worried actually in that we had a 60% chance of rain throughout the day. The good news? It rained mostly in the early AM and the weather pretty much left us alone for the remainder of the day. The bad? It was windy, and that’s an understatement. We were able to get a few shots of the bride and groom outside, but we had to move things back indoor or we could have lost a lot of stuff—gear, dresses, jackets, you know, pretty much everything that we all spent hours preparing ;P

Other than that, the day was great. We started around 8:30 that morning scouting the service area and quickly moved into covering the preparations. I’ve got to thank Amanda for allowing so much time forĀ  getting ready. It’s not often that I get so much time to get the shots that I really want. Too, wedding days tend to be rushed. It’s hard to predict just how much time is involved in getting ready between the Bride, Groom, and their attendants until you’ve actually experienced it. By then though, it’s a bit too late! The more time a Bride allows to prepare, the more a relaxed pace everyone can move in and the more candid shots your photographer can catch. That to me seems to help everyone keep calm and stress free before the big moment. It’s always a wonderful feeling knowing that I can take a few extra moments to wait for those precious shots.

The ceremony took place at Watermark Church in Ashford, Alabama just off Highway 84 East, while the reception was located roughly 10 miles West at the Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan, Alabama. Grats to two beautiful locations. Everyone was very kind to my assistant, Anita, and I. And the coordinator was always within earshot to help keep things organized. All in all it was a very smooth day.

I’m not one to get all mushy when it comes to clients. Perhaps it’s my ninja background that keeps me quiet and in the shadows throughout the day, and I’ve come to rely heavily on that skill set; but, in the case of this particular couple, I must say it’s obvious that you two are absolutely in love. In the short time that I’ve been able to spend with you, I can see that you both are unafraid to show this and are happy to cut up even in front of a camera, where others might shy away. You were an absolute joy to shoot, and I hope that you enjoy the moments that I captured as much as I did taking them. I was sincerely in humbled watching each of your expressions through the view finder of my camera. I only wish that these images show even just half of the emotion that I witnessed that day.

Grats again, you two, and here’s to a long a wonderful life together.

- Noel

  • Miss Karen - April 12, 2011 - 1:44 pm

    Noel, outstanding photography! The grandmother with her tissue (heartfelt) and Cadence on the floor during the ceremony ( precious) were emotional and priceless! Love your work. Memories forever.ReplyCancel

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