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Engagement: Stump Business!



Looks like I’ve fallen behind on my post activities lately! What better way to kick off my site rebuild than to post an awesome engagement shoot?

Today I got to hang out with Melissa and Chris. We spent the afternoon exploring the Dothan Botanical Gardens for a bit of fresh air, nature, and to just get away from things while we discussed the coming wedding. As it turns out, it will also be held here. We walked the path taking us through the rose gardens, spent time within a hedge-guarded nook, admired a lovely Koi pond atop a small foot bridge, and exited the park under a lovely shaded canopy of trees for a few scale shots of the environment. After leaving the park, we spent another hour or so exploring some of the old abandoned brick structures off Dothan mainstreet.

It has always been a treat to spend time with you two, and today was no exception. You are a beautiful couple with complimenting personalities, and I can only see great things in your future together. I truly cannot wait until your wedding day, as I am sure it will be filled with countless moments of good fun and playfulness throughout. I am grateful that you have asked me not only to document these moments for you, but that you would allow me to simply be a part of this very special day.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing you two again in May!


- Noel.


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